Services provided by our group

During the last 20 years

A&R Works has developed into a recognized expert in machining rigid composites.

A&R Works Oy Ab

During the last 20 years A&R Works has developed into a recognized expert in cutting and machining rigid laminates. We collaborate with the best  providers of raw materials. Our services include machining with 3- and 5-axis machines, turning and water cutting. We are able to produce complete insulation packages for the winding, manufacturing and assembly industries. All products are manufactured and delivered according to your needs. For prototyping purposes we manufacture small series at a reasonable price and with fast delivery according to your specifications. We have commonly used materials in stock for quick delivery. Through our partner network we are able to provide you with more unusual materials.

Baltic Works provide

high quality insulation works and insulation sets

Baltic Works OÜ

We produce insulation material parts for electrical motors, generators, appliances and transformers. Our products can be found in ships, elevators, wind generators, trains and power stations, among others. Our customers can get customized insulation packages according to their needs. Our production activities are supported by various warehousing services. Baltic Works operates in new and modern facilities in Jüri, Estonia, where we have more than 3000 m2 production space.

Fiberbar is specialized in

manufacturing profiles, tubes and rods in composite material

A large variety of shapes and sizes are available

Fiberbar Composites OÜ

Fiberbar Composites is a manufacturer of composites profiles. Our core competence is manufacturing of insulation profiles for the electrical industry. Fiberbar´s products are made using the pultrusion process, a continous automated manufacturing process which allows production of composite profiles in continuous lengths. Our typical composites compose of glass fiber reinforcement bound together by thermosets such as polyesters and vinyl esters.

For more than 50 years

Stenbacka has been operating as a wholesaler and agency company

Oy T. Stenbacka Ab

Stenbacka has served it´s customers globally for more than 50 years as an agency and wholesaler company. We import and supply raw materials, products and accessories to the electrotechnical industry , repair shops and wholesalers. Our robust experience and wide contact network ensure that we can meet your needs fast and efficiently. As the only company in Finland we also provide in-house production of carbon brushes. We offer you all the Star Works Group companies cost effective products and service solutions centralizer through Stenbacka´s sales organization.

Scandinavian Cable Service Oy (SCS)

is a supplier of cable raw materials for the cable industry

Scandinavian Cable
Service Oy

SCS has already for 20 years been a partner of the Scandinavian cable industry and has taken care of providing its clients with raw materials necessary for a trouble-free production. SCS operates in collaboration with the leading raw material manufacturers in the field, and strive to offer the widest possible range of cable raw materials for cable manufacturing. This service concept guarantees that raw materials of high quality are at the cable production line exactly when needed. The company´s customer base covers the cable industry around the Baltic Sea. Our references clearly show the success of our business concept when it comes to handling logistically demanding raw material deliveries to our clients.

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