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Power of five

Star Works Group Ltd. (SWG) is a corporation of five companies working in the electrotechnical field. We have operations and production sites in Finland and Estonia. In Finland our facilities are situated in Järvenpää and Eura. In Estonia we operate in Jüri, just south of Tallinn. Our staff of 80 dedicated professionals ensure that we can serve you and your company’s needs to your fullest satisfaction.

Our core business is to provide tailor made manufacturing and subcontracting services for the manufacturers of electrical machines, transformers, other devices and to supply material for the cable industry. We also serve the needs of the maintenance and repair sector.

We cooperate with leading manufacturers and providers. Our stock and wholesales services include an extensive range of raw materials, machinery and equipment delivered to you in appropriate quantities with a prompt delivery time.

Coronavirus COVID -19

Star Works Group Oy Ab and all its subsidiaries are doing their best to serve our customers during these difficult corona times. Simultaneously it is most important for us to take care of the security and health of our employees.
For time being our activities continue unchanged.

Star Works Group Oy Ab
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Tel: +358 20 743 2330
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